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Brad Berger


Public angular-material-calendar

A calendar directive for AngularJS and Angular Material Design
failed c0mbinatr0nics pushed Replaced (eol) with (drop in replacement). to pull-request-126 and broke the build .

Public go-aedstorm

An ORM like package which makes working with App Engine datastore entities in go a bit easier
failed brad pushed Use generic cache interface to master and broke the build .

Public myflyingbox-go

A MyFlyingBox API client for Go
passed brad pushed Improves error responses to master .

Public taplink-php

PHP Bindings for Blind Hashing
passed brad pushed Updates badge to master .

Public taplink-go

TapLink client for Golang
passed brad pushed Fixes some go vet issues, adds report card to master .

Public angular-material-app

Angular Material web app starter project, with tests and gulp build system already set up
passed brad pushed Adds badges to master .

Public angular-seed-app

A basic AngularJS seed app with ESLint, Gulp, Karma, and Protractor and BrowserSync
passed brad pushed Adds license, other meta info to master .

Public staticjs

Lightweight, feature-rich, promise driven script and static resource loader.
passed brad pushed Merge branch 'master' of to master .

Public cookies

A complete cookies reader/writer framework with full unicode support.
passed brad pushed Removes Travis CI to master .

Public piwik-cloudflare

A Piwik app for CloudFlare
passed brad pushed Adds coveralls coverage report to master .