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Xcode 12 Is Now Available in macOS Catalina Image


We would like to inform all developers building for Apple devices that Xcode 12 is now available as a CI/CD environment on Semaphore.

You can select the new macOS image in the Workflow Builder:

Defining a macOS agent in Workflow Builder

And here’s an example how you may use the new image if you prefer handwritten YAML:

version: 1.0
name: Apple/Mojave Based Pipeline

    type: a1-standard-4
    os_image: macos-xcode12

  - name: "Unit tests"
        - name: Tests
            - xcversion select 12.0

Other important tools available in the new macOS image include:

  • Flutter version 1.20.4
  • Fastlane 2.160.1
  • Cocoapods 1.9.3

You can learn more about Semaphore’s macOS Catalina environment in documentation, and what else is new in the changelog.

Learn more about support for CI/CD for macOS and iOS on Semaphore’s website.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please contact our support team.

Happy building!

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