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    4 Nov 2022 · Semaphore News

    What’s New in Test Reports

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    Semaphore’s Test Reports help your team to get an effective and consistent view of your CI/CD test suite across different test frameworks and stages in CI/CD workflows. We launched Test Reports last year to provide teams with easy-to-read reports on which tests have passed, which ones are failing and which ones are the slowest in the test suite.

    Since then, we’ve been working hard on making Test Reports even easier and more convenient to use. Here’s what’s new in Test Reports:

    See passed and failed tests on the project level

    You can now clearly see the number passed and failed tests on the project dashboard. 

    You can click on the passed/failed test notification on the dashboard and go directly to the Test Reports tab.

    Test summary

    Another helpful improvement is this easy to read summary of the total number of tests, the number of passed, failed, and skipped tests, accessible right from the workflow page.

    In addition to that, you can now see the test info in Git Status checks:

    Get a summary of how many tests have run, passed and failed

    Once you drill down into the Test Reports tab, you’ll be able to see the number of passed and failed tests as well as how much time it took to run them.

    You can also expand the logs for every test and see the details for each. This makes finding the root of the problem easier and less time consuming. Filter tests to see failed or slowest first, or sort them by name.

    What’s next for Test Reports

    Test Reports are indispensable for developers who want to get a full overview of test performance and eliminate the time that they spend on debugging. We’re planning to add flaky test detection, pass percentage, and code coverage. Read the docs to learn how to set up Test Reports for your organization.

    Feel free to leave your comments in the public Roadmap. We appreciate your feedback and strive to make Semaphore better with every build.

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