15 Mar 2022 · Semaphore News

    Introducing Test Reports: Embrace Perfect Clarity for your CI/CD Test Suite

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    Following the Monorepo release, we are introducing new ways for developers to build, test, and deploy code. Test Reports offer a clear view of your team’s test suite, as they move their software development projects forward. If your team is running tests in parallel, all the necessary information will be at their fingertips.  

    Eliminate parallel testing bottlenecks 

    Instead of navigating through thousands of log lines, simply dive into a single, unified report for the entire pipeline. In short, the feature merges test reports from all parallel jobs, so users can skim through vital testing data. 

    The new Test Reports feature is simple to set up, and it will take you no longer than a few minutes. As soon as everything is up and running, you can accelerate your development as you: 

    • See failed tests via the Tests dashboard  
    • Pinpoint the slowest tests in your test suite  
    • Find skipped tests  

    Test Reports configuration and key benefits 

    If your team has multiple jobs running tests in parallel, you’ll benefit from the workflow level test reports. By combining the output of the tests, you don’t even need to open the job logs anymore.

    All the information that you need is already there on the workflow page making that feedback loop much quicker.

    My team needs fast CI/CD feedback to work efficiently. We split our test suite into 90 parallel jobs. However, reading through each job’s log output is not fun. With test reports, we get a single clear report. Everything is in one place. Inspecting failures takes seconds instead of minutes.

    – Mikołaj Kutryj, Software Engineer at Semaphore

    We support all test runners

    We support every test runner, including RSpec, ExUnit, GoTest, PyTest, Karma, ESLint, Cucumber, ExUnit, PHPUnit, Mocha, CargoTest, and JUnit. If your test runner can export XML test results, Semaphore can use it.

    All our parsers are open source  

    Test Reports are powered by the test-results CLI. At Semaphore we embrace the open source development model and are part of the ever-growing dev community. If your test runner is not supported, please feel free to contribute over at GitHub

    Streamlined and effective testing 

    Semaphore is continually evolving to create a more elegant CI/CD experience for developers. 

    If your team wants to get clear-cut reports for all tests and spend less time analyzing failed pipelines, give Test Reports a try. Here’s how to set it up.

    Feel free to reach out to us in case you have any questions or feedback.

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