Semaphore Uncut: Semaphore Classic vs. Semaphore 2.0

Last week, we officially launched Semaphore 2.0,
our new continuous integration and delivery product with customizable CI/CD pipelines, autoscaling, and more. Since many of you asked us about the differences between Semaphore Classic and 2.0 and which one better fits your needs, our latest episode of Semaphore Uncut focuses on what you should know about Classic vs. 2.0. Read on to learn more and watch the video.


Developer interview with Avichay Eyal, the creator of Slim.js

In the Developer Interview series, we talk to engineers who use Semaphore and pick their brains about how they work, what wisdom they would like to pass on, and the most challenging problems they’ve faced during developing.

This month we had a chat with Avichay Eyal, the man behind Slim.js - the fastest open source web-components library around.


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