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1 Jun 2022 · Semaphore News

Introducing Semaphore On-Premise: Host Your CI/CD behind Your Company Firewall

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Some companies have policies in place that prevent them from using cloud services. Others operate in heavily regulated industries, like banking, insurance, and healthcare. For the majority of them, hosting IT services behind a company firewall is a must.

That’s why we built Semaphore On-Premise: a powerful CI/CD system with all the advanced  features you can expect from a Semaphore solution, but hosted behind your company firewall. This version of Semaphore, hosted on your own servers, can scale up and down depending on the workload, all within your team’s Kubernetes cluster.

Here are a few reasons why Semaphore On-Premise might be the right choice for your team.

All the great features of Semaphore, behind your firewall

Semaphore On-Premise comes with all the most powerful features, like monorepo support, test reports, and advanced security features, meaning your team gets to experience the most powerful, feature-rich Enterprise version of Semaphore installed locally on your own servers.

With Semaphore On-Premise, you can build, test and deploy software that is fully compliant with your company’s security policies.

Customized CI/CD environment

Semaphore On-Premise allows you to customize your runtime environment. This way, you can configure the environment that your team needs on Linux, Windows, ARM, Kubernetes, or Docker.  

Dynamically scaling a fleet of build agents

By scaling up to thousands of build agents during the day and scaling down to zero agents during the night or on the weekend, the system works more efficiently by dynamically adapting to your CI/CD needs.

Customized build resources

With Semaphore On-Premise, you can create a custom configuration to scale up when running larger jobs. For example, allocate more CPU and RAM for complex jobs with more demand. Each job runs in a pristine, isolated environment. 

Premium support available

Semaphore On-Premise gives you an opportunity to access our most advanced support package (available as an add-on). Semaphore’s team of experts will be on hand to offer professional CI/CD support to help you scale up your productivity and achieve business objectives faster.

Assistance with onboarding and developer training are just some of the things that are included in the Premium support package, together with shorter ticket response time and SLA support.

Pre-flight checks

In aviation, pre-flight checks are a set of tasks that a pilot and aircrew perform before takeoff, ensuring the flight goes smoothly and without incident.

Semaphore is adopting a similar approach. With Semaphore On-Premise, admins can set up checks that the system needs to pass before any pipeline can start running.

One-click updates

Hosting Semaphore on your own server doesn’t mean you have to rely on a CI/CD tool that only gets updated once a year. We made sure that updates for Semaphore On-Premise are regular and simple to install, with just one click.

Talk to us to learn more

Semaphore On-Premise is a perfect CI/CD system for teams with strict security policies and regulations. If this is the case with your organization, feel free to contact us or schedule a demo. We’ll be happy to discuss your case and walk you through the specifics of Semaphore’s self-hosted version.

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