2 Dec 2020 · Semaphore News

    Refreshed New UI for a Greater CI/CD Experience

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    Here at Semaphore, we are committed to providing excellent CI/CD performance and outstanding usability to the next generation technology leaders. Since 2012, we’ve been incrementally improving our CI/CD software based on your feedback while keeping the end goal in mind: to develop a stable, mature, and innovative CI/CD tool that world-class engineers would find truly useful.

    Today, we’re very excited to introduce our newly enhanced UI, bringing the overall user experience one step ahead. We’ve made several changes, leveling a couple of features up but also adding new, fresh ones that will drastically boost your CI/CD experience.

    We’d like to say a big “thank you” to all of our users for taking the time to provide your feedback. We have implemented hundreds of improvement proposals, so without your help, this would not have been possible.

    New UI: what has changed?

    Better Homepage

    The dashboard that welcomes you after your login will show yours and your team’s recent work, giving you a clear overview of the latest activity across your organization. Click on the Semaphore logo to return to the homepage.

    Improved Navigation 

    We’ve added a jump-to menu to switch between projects (try pressing /). Every page now has more explicit links and improved breadcrumbs for easier navigation.

    Improved Navigation

    Use the sidebar on the right to quickly view and start your projects. In addition, you can view the list of all projects from the organization homepage.

    Improved navigation- New UI
    New UI

    Updated Workflow Item

    The workflow item shows all your pipelines in a single place. You can now see the result of each pipeline and the time it takes to build. This will help you quickly understand how your delivery and deployment phases are doing.

    Also, workflows triggered by the scheduler now look different than those started by humans.

    updated workflow item

    Better Mobile Experience

    We’ve worked hard to make Semaphore look beautiful on mobile devices. You can finally work comfortably using the screens of any sizes.

    Streamlined Project Creation

    Project setup has now additional started workflows so you can build your CI/CD process faster. Also, you can now invite collaborators while creating a new project.

    Now, you can repair your GitHub deploy key or web hook from the project settings page. Here, you’ll also find status badge snippets to copy in your READMEs.

    Enhanced Workflow builder

    We’ve added more features to the workflow builder UI—you can now do more without editing YAML files:

    • You can now define pipeline-level Prologue and Epilogues using the workflow builder.
    • We added an option to configure the fail-fast setting. Use it to tell Semaphore what to do when a job fails.
    • You can now configure the auto-cancel policy using the workflow builder. This setting allows you to control how Semaphore handles concurrent pushes on the same branch.
    • We added options to control the job parallelism level.
    Enhanced workflow builder 1- New UI
    Enhanced workflow builder 2

    Improved Logs

    Cumbersome job logs? No more. Job page now features collapsible commands, and failures are automatically expanded. You can now also stick each command to the top of the log while scrolling.

    Job and Workflow page favicon now reflects the status of the job/pipeline. 

    Did we mention that logs now have an optional dark theme?

    Improved logs- New UI

    Upgraded Activity Monitor

    We’ve revived a much-beloved feature from Semaphore Classic: the Activity Monitor. This gives a handy overview of what is currently going on in your organization. On this page, you can also see how close you are to hitting a quota. In case you’re frequently stuck, you’ll be able to request the quota upgrade.  

    Activity Monitor-

    Improved Billing Screen and Support 

    The Plans & Billing screen looks a lot nicer and shows additional information, improving the overall experience. We’ve also made it easier for you to contact us via an upgraded Contact screen.

    We’ve started the rollout, and all these enhancements will be available to all our users starting today. Have we made you curious? Great! Then make sure you check out our freshly redesigned UI.

    Happy building!

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