What is Proper Continuous Integration?

Marko Anastasov · Engineering

Continuous integration (CI) is confusing. As with all ideas, everybody does their own version of it in practice. Get a clear, concise summary of CI, continuous deployment and continuous delivery. Understand how these practices complement each other, and how they can help you develop robust software faster.


Running code in different environments can often produce unexpected behavior. Development and testing environments strive to replicate production envrionments as closely as possible, but there's still much to be desired. This is where containers come in. When using Docker-based deployments, environments for development, staging and production are virtually the same, and they can be rapidly reproduced on-demand. As more and more developers find these benefits appealing, there's an emerging need for hosting and managing Docker images without having an own infrastructure to do so.

Continuous Delivery of Docker Images with Quay and Semaphore Read more...

Today, we’re happy to introduce a preview of Semaphore Enterprise, a new edition of Semaphore that helps large companies take advantage of our continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) solution, while meeting their company security standards and need for advanced support and access control. We're also proud to announce a partnership with Docker, who will make Semaphore Enterprise available on their brand new Docker Store. Request an invite to get started.

Semaphore Enterprise Continuous Integration and Delivery


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