What is Proper Continuous Integration?

Marko Anastasov · Engineering

Continuous integration (CI) is confusing. As with all ideas, everybody does their own version of it in practice. Get a clear, concise summary of CI, continuous deployment and continuous delivery. Understand how these practices complement each other, and how they can help you develop robust software faster.


Today we are very happy to announce Organizations on Semaphore. Organizations simplify project management inside companies and other groups, introduce a fine grained permission system and help you focus on your work while Semaphore scales up the continuous integration process as your operation grows.


We are glad to announce a more flexible solution for managing project collaborators. So far, project collaborators were directly mapped from repository collaborators on GitHub. In order to have access to a Semaphore project, user had to have a GitHub account and be a collaborator on the corresponding repository on GitHub. This was a great solution back in the early days since it enabled a fast onramp process, but since then our users and ourselves have grown and a need for something different has emerged.



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