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    23 Sep 2022 · Semaphore News

    New book: Transitioning from Monolith to Microservices Handbook

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    We have a gift for you: a free, 80-page ebook on effective microservice design. The book is open source, and you can download it today.

    Why we wrote the book?

    The growth of a company inevitably calls for cultural and technological changes. Companies that started with a monolith might find that what worked in the past no longer works today. Products and services must adapt and scale up to meet the rising demands. Microservice architecture is one of the possible ways forward.

    This book helps you bridge the gap between monoliths and microservices. We start from the basics: what is a microservice? And evaluate all the pros and cons they entail, helping decide if this is the correct path for you and your organization.

    Then, we move to design patterns applicable to microservices and discuss the cultural changes the organization must walk to be effective in this new paradigm.

    Finally, we move to the deep technical end. We discuss ways of preparing the monolith for migration and methods for testing and running the new microservices.

    Who is it for?

    This book is intended for software engineers at every level, CTOs, and tech leaders who either explore microservice architecture or facing serious scalability problems in their monolith applications.

    The authors

    This book has been co-authored by:

    • Lee Atchison: Cloud Architect and Strategist. Ex Amazon & AWS. O’Reilly writer.
    • Tomas Fernandez: whom you might already know from Semaphore blog as an author of highly valuable CI/CD tutorials.

    Download it today for free

    No previous microservice knowledge is needed. Learn all you need to start your journey to microservices today.

    Get your free copy of the handbook.

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