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    46+ Best Podcasts for Developers You Should Be Following

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    Podcasts are on the rise. If you’re learning a new language or technology or just want to stay up to date on what’s happening in the industry, podcasts for developers are an amazing tool, especially for those short on time. The best thing is – you can learn something new while doing house chores or commuting.

    But how do you choose the best podcasts to listen to? With over 4,180,000 podcasts registered in the world, finding the most appealing one might be daunting.

    We collected the list of best developer podcasts, divided by languages and technologies. Did we miss your favorite podcast? Let us know!

    Table of contents:

    1. DevOps podcasts
    2. Elixir podcasts
    3. Golang podcasts
    4. Kotlin podcasts
    5. Python podcasts
    6. Java podcasts
    7. JavaScript podcasts
    8. Ruby podcasts
    9. .NET podcasts
    10. Rust podcasts
    11. Podcasts for CTOs
    12. Other great podcasts you should check out

    DevOps Podcasts

    DevOps is a challenging, ever-evolving and complex field that requires professionals to always keep an eye on what’s happening in the industry, seek new knowledge and improve their skills.

    Podcasts might be a great way to do just that. Here’s our pick of the best DevOps podcasts. 

    Arrested DevOps

    Arrested DevOps is probably one of the most famous and popular podcasts on all things DevOps. It is the podcast that helps you achieve understanding, develop good practices, operate your team and organization for maximum DevOps awesomeness. It is hosted by Matt Stratton, Trevor Hess, Jessica Joy Kerr and Bridget Kromhout focusing on sharing ideas and concepts related to DevOps and all sorts of related goodies.

    Azure DevOps

    The Azure DevOps Podcast is a show for developers and DevOps professionals shipping software using Microsoft technologies. Each show brings hard-hitting interviews with industry experts innovating better methods and sharing success stories. The topics covered on the podcast span from general DevOps to web development, automation, and microservices. Hosted by Jeffrey Palermo.

    Semaphore Uncut

    Semaphore Uncut is a biweekly podcast for developers about building great products. It is hosted by Darko Fabijan. On the podcast, Darko welcomes industry experts and engineering leaders and talks about the latest news in the industry, using technology to build software, and general developer productivity.

    DevOps Paradox

    On the DevOps Paradox, the show hosts Viktor Farcic and Darin Pope attempt to answer burning DevOps-related questions, like what DevOps is, how to develop microservices, and what bare metal in cloud computing is. 

    On a side note, Viktor also has a great YouTube channel the DevOps Toolkit about the tools and processes that DevOps engineers should be using and applying in their day-to-day job.

    DevOps Radio 

    DevOps is becoming the de facto standard for software development. DevOps Radio is the newest podcast series covering all things related to software delivery. CD software platform company CloudBees is behind this podcast.

    The DevOps Lab – Channel 9

    This podcast comes from a group of developers and tech enthusiasts from Microsoft. The team goes beyond the buzzword and shows listeners how to solve DevOps problems using a wide range of tools and techniques.

    DevOps Chat

    DevOps Chat is produced by the folks behind DevOps.com. The podcast features interviews with thought leaders from the DevOps industry, company leaders and people behind technologies. The podcast episodes discuss industry news and trends. Hosted by Alan Shimel.

    NB: the latest episode released in April 2021. Looking forward to the new episodes!


    DevNews is a podcast coming from the Dev.to community. Hosted by Saron Yitbarek, founder of CodeNewbie, and senior engineers at DEV, Josh Puetz and Vaidehi Joshi, the podcast discusses industry news and tech trends. It also features guests from various companies, universities, and other spheres, to comment on what’s happening.

    DevOps and Docker Talk

    The DevOps and Docker Talk podcast is the brainchild of Bret Fisher, the creator of Docker and Kubernetes mastery. The podcast contains interviews and audience Q&A from Bret’s weekly YouTube Live show and other chats with people in the world of cloud native and container DevOps. 

    The episodes are a mix of Bret talking on a topic, or a discussion with guests, or taking Q&A from the chat audience. Topics cover anything DevOps, Cloud management, sysadmin, Docker and container tools like Kubernetes and Swarm, and the full software lifecycle supply chain.

    Read also: Bret Fisher on Speeding Up Your DevOps Workflows with Docker

    Ship It!

    Another podcast coming from the Changelog community, Ship It! is a podcast “about getting your best ideas into the world and seeing what happens”. It is hosted by Gerhard Lazu and solely focuses on all things DevOps. Expect to hear topics like monorepos in serverless microservices, Cloud Native fundamentals, and what good release engineering is. 

    My favorite episode: Real-World Implications of Shipping Many Times a Day with Emile Vauge.

    Elixir Podcasts for Developers

    Thinking Elixir

    Thinking Elixir, hosted by Mark Ericksen, has weekly episodes where the host and guests talk about the Elixir programming language and community around it.

    Whether you are already experienced with Elixir or just exploring the language, this show is created with you in mind. The podcast discusses community news, Functional Programming, transitioning from OOP, coding conventions, and more.

    Guests visit the show to help challenge our assumptions, learn about new developments and grow in the process.

    Elixir Wizards

    Elixir Wizards is an interview-format podcast, hosted by Eric Oestrich, Sundi Myint and focused on engineers who use the Elixir programming language. Initially launched in early 2019, each season focuses on a specific topic or topics, with each interview focusing on the guest’s experience and opinions on the topic.

    Elixir Outlaws

    Elixir Outlaws is an informal discussion about interesting things happening in Elixir. The goal is to capture the spirit of a conference hallway discussion in a podcast. The show hosts are Amos King, Chris Keathley, and Anna Neyzberg.

    Elixir Mix

    Elixir Mix is a weekly show focused on the Elixir programming community. The panel discusses topics around functional programming, the Elixir ecosystem, and building real world apps with Elixir based tools and frameworks. The podcasts hosts are Adi Iyengar, Allen Wyma, Charles Max Wood, Eric Bolikowski, and Sascha Wolf.

    Beam Radio

    Beam Radio is a packed panel of Elixir experts and experienced developers who make the complicated interesting and fun. The podcast talks about Elixir, Erlang and all things related to the BEAM virtual machine ecosystem. 
    The podcast hosts are: Alex Koutmos, Josh Adams, Bruce Tate, Lars Wikman, Maggie Tate, Sophie DeBenedetto, Steven Nuñez.


    Indielixer is a show about side projects built with the Elixir programming language. The podcast host, Carter Bryden, talks each episode about his own journey with Elixir, the ideas, frustrations, tips, and tricks that he uncovers while working on his own indie projects using Elixir.

    Golang Developer Podcasts

    Go Time

    Go Time is probably the most prominent podcast in the Golang community. We discuss cloud infrastructure, distributed systems, microservices, Kubernetes, Docker… oh and also Go! Some people search for GoTime or GoTimeFM and can’t find the show, so now the strings GoTime and GoTimeFM are in our description too.

    The podcast hosts are: Mat Ryer, Jon Calhoun, Carmen Andoh, Johnny Boursiquot, Mark Bates, Angelica Hill, Kris Brandow, Natalie Pistunovich


    GoFR is a podcast about the Go language, hosted by Arnaud Assad in French. The last episode was published in January 2021 but we’re hoping the podcast will revive.

    Kotlin Podcasts

    Kotlin is a a cross-platform, statically typed, general-purpose programming language developed by JetBrains, the company behind IntelliJ IDEA and other powerful IDEs.

    Talking Kotlin

    TalkingKotlin is a bimonthly podcast on Kotlin and more. On the podcast, the host and his guests discuss how companies use Kotlin, migrating to Kotlin from other languages, using Kotlin for education purposes, and other Kotlin-related topics. Hosted by Hadi Hariri.

    Python Podcasts

    Python is one of the most popular and universal languages there are. There are a variety of podcasts for developers about Python that can give listeners a practical learning experience and real-world examples of using the language.

    Here’s our pick of the best Python podcasts.

    The Real Python Podcast

    The Real Python is a weekly Python podcast hosted by Christopher Bailey with interviews, coding tips, and conversation with guests from the Python community.

    The show covers a wide range of topics including Python programming best practices, career tips, and related software development topics. New releases every Friday.

    Talk Python to Me

    Talk Python to Me is a Python-focused podcast covering the people and ideas in Python. It also covers related topics like data science, DevOps, and HTML. Hosted by Michael Kennedy.

    Awesome podcast!

    Michael, host of the Talk Python To M‪e‬ podcast, highlights all aspects of technology, software development and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

    -​​Clarisse G.

    Python Bytes

    Python Bytes is another podcast created by Michael Kennedy, with Brian Okken as the co-host. The podcast delivers Python-related headlines directly to the speakers. It’s a podcast for those who want to stay up to date on Python developer news but don’t have time to scroll through Reddit, Twitter, and other resources.


    Podcast.__init__  launched in March 2014 and is hosted by Tobias Macey. Since that time, the podcast has delivered stories of the people who make the Python community great. New episodes go out weekly and provide useful and informative insights into the projects, platforms, and practices that engineers, business leaders, and data scientists need to know about to learn and grow in their career.

    In addition to Python, the podcast also covers related topics like data science, DevOps, web application development, scientific research, open source, machine learning, and many more.

    Teaching Python

    Teaching Python is an educational podcast hosted by two middle school teachers Kelly Paredes and Sean Tibor about their adventures teaching middle school computer science, problem-solving, handling failure, frustration, and victory through the lens of the Python programming language.

    The podcast is a great listen not only for those learning Python but also for computer science teachers. The episodes are about 50 minutes long and go out every other week.

    Moscow Python Podcast

    Moscow Python podcast is a Russian-language podcast hosted by the biggest Python community in the country. The topics covered on the podcast include using Python in various business spheres, hiring Python developers, career development for those coding in Python, and many others.

    The podcast also has a YouTube channel.

    Java Podcasts for Developers (and Anyone Else)

    Just like any other programming language or technology, Java podcasts range from discussing how-to’s and learning how to code, to speaking about industry news and technology implementations.

    Here’s our pick of the best Java podcasts out there.

    Inside Java

    The Inside Java Podcast is a show for Java Developers brought to you directly from the people that make Java at Oracle. During their biweekly episodes, the team discusses the language, the JVM, OpenJDK, platform security, innovation projects like Loom and Panama, and everything in between. What better source of knowledge on Java than the team behind it?

    Java Pub House

    As stated on their website, the Java Pub House podcast talks about how to program in Java; not your typical system.out.println(“Hello world”), but more like real issues, such as O/R setups, threading, getting certain components on the screen or troubleshooting tips and tricks in general. 

    The format is as a podcast so that you can subscribe to it, and then take it with you and listen to it on your way to work (or on your way home), and learn a little bit more (or reinforce what you knew) from it.
    Hosted by Freddy Guime and Bob Paulin. Bonus points for the coolest name out there.

    Airhacks.fm Podcast

    Airhacks.fm is a Java-oriented podcast hosted by Adam Bien. The conversations circle around Java, Java EE, Jakarta EE, MicroProfile and web. Adam hosts long and insightful interviews with people from the Java world. During the interviews (from 40 min to 1.5 hours), Adam and his guests discuss topics like web components, Java servers, and even Kubernetes. If you like Java, you’ll love this podcast.

    Java Off Heap

    The Java Off Heap podcast started with four friends getting together and discussing recent news from the Java world – Freddy Guime, Bob Paulin, Michael Minella, and Josh Juneau. Since every friend had his own perspective on what was happening, their discussions got very interesting. So they decided to take it to the next level, turn on their mics and record.

    Now Java Off Heap is what you might call a Java Newscast, with entertaining and informative discussions.

    JavaScript Developer Podcasts

    Reddit, Twitter, Hacker news, Stack Overflow, JavaScript newsletters, blogs… you name it. There seems to be a ton of information on web development out there. How do you keep up with all the trends and stay afloat? 

    Meet JavaScript podcasts. The good news is that you can integrate this fun and informative activity into your work day without much extra effort. With a variety of podcasts on any topic, be it new from the JavaScript world or educational podcasts on how to code better, the hardest decision to make is which ones to stick to.

    Here’s our pick.

    Full Stack Radio

    The Full Stack Radio podcast is run by Adam Wathan, the creator of Tailwind CSS. As stated on the website, it’s a podcast for developers interested in building great software products. 

    The episodes are in the form of interviews where Adam talks to industry experts on a variety of topics. Some episodes cover things like how to stand out when you’re applying for a job as a developer while others get more technical and discuss technologies like Svelte, Next.js, and  – naturally – Tailwind.

    Front End Happy Hour

    The Frond End Happy Hour podcast has a fun approach to content. The podcast features panelists of engineers from Netflix, Twitch, and Atlassian talking over drinks about all things Front End development. In an informal way, speakers discuss important topics like dealing with burnout, transitioning from individual contributor to manager, and working on side projects.

    Ladybug Podcast

    The Ladybug podcast is a great chance to hear women’s voices in the male-dominated industry. Emma Bostian, Ali Spittel, Kelly Vaughn, and Sidney Buckner. The ladies talk about web development (how to get started with Typescript, web security, etc.), career and personal development, and even things like how to create digital content or start a company.


    The Purrfect.dev podcast is made by developers for developers. This is more of an educational podcast for those who are learning how to code and be a better web developer. The hosts Alex Patterson and Brittney Postma cover topics like using content as data, Next.js, and fostering developer education.

    The Vanilla JavaScript Podcast

    Vanilla JavaScript is a show about JavaScript for people who hate the complexity of modern front end web development. The fun part is that the episodes are very short, normally not lasting longer than 10 minutes. A perfect way to spend your coffee break, in the company of your host Chris Ferdinandi.

    JavaScript Jabber

    The JavaScript Jabber podcast is a challenge to become a top JavaScript developer. Each week the expert panel and their guests discuss the things that JavaScript developers need to know to stay current and level up. Hosted by AJ Oneal, Aimee Knight, Charles Max Wood, Dan Shapirr, and Steve Edwards.

    Ruby Podcasts

    The Ruby on Rails Podcast

    The Ruby on Rails podcast is a flagship podcast on all things Ruby, open source software, and the programming profession. It is hosted by Brittany Martin and Brian Mariani and goes out weekly.

    Ruby Rogues

    Ruby Rogues is a weekly discussion on Ruby, Rails, and software development. The podcast spans from development to more general topics like life and career.

    Remote Ruby

    Remote Ruby is a podcast hosted by three Ruby developers. It is a discussion about Ruby and web development in general.

    .NET podcasts

    .NET Rocks! is an Internet Audio Talk Show for Microsoft .NET Developers. The shows range from introductory information to hardcore geekiness.

    The .NET Core Podcast

    The .NET Core Podcast is an award-winning podcast where the host and his guests reach into the core of the .NET technology stack and, with the help of the .NET community, present listeners with the information that they need in order to grok the many moving parts of one of the biggest cross-platform, multi-application frameworks on the planet. The host, Jamie “GaProgMan” Taylor, and I have been writing about, working with, and generally messing around in .NET since (almost) the beginning.

    Rust podcasts

    Rustacean Station

    Rustacean Station is a community project for creating podcast content for the Rust programming language. If you’re interested in the weird, wonderful and wily world of Rust, you’ll enjoy this podcast. The hosts are also open to any Rust-related content suggestions, so feel free to reach out.

    Podcasts for CTOs

    Modern CTO with Joel Beasley

    Modern CTO shares everything you need to know to be successful as a CTO. This is the #1 place where CTOs hang out. As stated on its website, the podcast lives to bring CTOs value. It is a fun, intelligent, and engaging podcast where the host Joel Beasley hands out with CTOs from Aerospace, AI, Robotics and other industries.


    One of the best podcasts for CTOs, engineers, and leaders in the tech industry. The alphalist.CTO podcast features interviews of CTOs and other technical leadership figures and topics range from technology to management. Guests from leading tech companies share their best practices and knowledge. The goal is to support other CTOs on their journey through tech and engineering, inspire and allow a sneak-peek into other successful companies to understand how they think and act. Get awesome insights into the world‘s top tech companies, personalities with this podcast brought to you by Tobias Schlottke.

    Behind the Tech

    Behind the Tech invites listeners to geek out with an amazing line-up of tech heroes who have made our modern world possible. Join Microsoft’s Chief Technology Officer Kevin Scott as he takes tech enthusiasts of all ages behind-the-scenes with innovators & pioneers. Find out what inspired them to create tech that has had an impact on the lives of developers and folks around the world.

    CTO Connection

    CTO Connection is a podcast for those who run an engineering organization. It’s a place where one can connect with and learn from peers. CTO Connection is the premier community for senior software engineering leaders. One can learn from experiences of successful engineering leaders at tech startups.

    The podcast covers a wide range of topics what might be interesting to any CTO, from hiring and motivating employees, to managing an engineering team.

    CTO Studio

    CTO Studio is a podcast produced by the team from7CTOs, a company that trains CTOs. The podcast dives deep into the minds of CTO’s and tech professionals who are creating new technology, products and building teams.

    Other Great Podcasts for Developers You Should Check Out

    Some developer podcasts do not necessarily fit any of the topics that we covered above but are definitely worth listening to nonetheless. Here are some podcasts that we can recommend.


    CoRecursive is a podcast about the stories and people behind the code. On the podcast hosted by Adam Gordon Bell, you can hear stories of software development from interesting people. If you are a professional software developer or someone who likes to code or has an interest in programming languages, you are the podcast’s target listener.

    Flying High with Flutter

    Flying High with Flutter is a weekly podcast where the host Allen Wyma and his guests talk about anything and everything Flutter. From real-world problems you faced while using Flutter to daydream-challenged ideas, Flying High with Flutter has got you covered. Guests visit the show from time to time to share their background, experience, thoughts, and insights into the engaging Flutter world.

    Allen, the podcast host, has great passion in using Flutter to build apps. He embraced the beauty of Flutter, the unlimited potential it offers to the world, and he’s particularly excited about the revolutionary changes Flutter 2.0 brings.

    Complete Developer Podcast

    The Complete Developer podcast takes a different approach to the podcast topic. While there are plenty of podcasts on different languages and technologies, the Complete Developer podcast focuses on other areas of developer’s life. It covers topics like how to talk to customers, stay productive, and communicate with fellow developers. Hosted by Will Gant and BJ Burns.


    Hanselminutes is Fresh Air for Developers. A weekly commute-time podcast that promotes fresh technology and fresh voices. Talk and Tech for Developers, Life-long Learners, and Technologists. Hosted by Scott Hanselman.

    NB: the guys from Feedspot collected a list of the best programming podcasts. If you’re looking for some fresh podcasts to follow, you might want to check the list out.


    Podcasts for developers are a great way to stay on top of the ever-changing industry that we’re in. Whether you’re looking for ways to improve your programming skills or would love to connect with fellow engineering leaders, there is a podcast for you.

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