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3 Mar 2022 · Software Engineering

Travis CI Alternative for Private Projects

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Travis CI is one of the most popular hosted Continuous Integration solutions. Most notably, it has made a huge contribution to the developer community by serving the biggest share of open source projects.

However in 2019 most new software projects are looking for a solution that can drive the entire Continuous Delivery lifecycle. There’s also little evidence in the developer tools space of companies making customer-centric innovations after being acquired by a private equity fund. So after the last week’s announcement of Travis CI’s acquisition by Idera Inc., many developers have started exploring alternatives.

Over the years the most common benefit that we’ve heard from customers who migrated from Travis CI to Semaphore has been higher productivity. Developers work better when continuous integration is faster and more reliable: with consistent job runtime and no flaky builds.

Here’s a summary of the key Semaphore features that would be relevant to people looking for an alternative to Travis CI for their private projects:

Semaphore featureSummary
Lowest tier:Free for up to 1,300 minutes
Pricing model:Pay-as-you-go (billed per second)
Concurrency:Autoscaling, no limit
Time to start a new job:1s
Time to SSH session:2s
Configuration:YML, CLI, UI, Encrypted secrets
Machine types:3, can vary per job
Continuous Integration Pipelines: ∙ Single stage
∙ Multi stage sequence
∙ Parallel jobs
∙ Fan-in, Fan-out
∙ Branch-based workflows
∙ Conditional continuation
∙ Build matrix
Continuous Delivery Pipelines:∙ Deploy to multiple environments
∙ Continuous deployment
∙ Manual promotions
Environments:Ubuntu Linux
Docker natively available

Next steps

In addition to capacity provided by the free tier, all new Semaphore customers receive $200 of free credit, and enjoy support which has been rated as #1 in the CI/CD space on G2 Crowd.

Sign up for a free Semaphore CI/CD account and start using it on your projects today.

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Writen by:
Marko Anastasov is a software engineer, author, and co-founder of Semaphore. He worked on building and scaling Semaphore from an idea to a cloud-based platform used by some of the world’s engineering teams.