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Semaphore Uncut: Exploring Semaphore Agents

Every Wednesday, we have a live show in which we talk about continuous integration, continuous delivery and Semaphore 2.0. This week, we talked about Semaphore agents and which languages, databases and tools are available in the Semaphore 2.0 CI/CD environment. Read on to learn more and watch the video.

How to tailor Semaphore agents to your needs

In the previous episode, we showed you how to make CI/CD pipelines faster with dependency caching. This time around, we talked about how you can tailor Semaphore agents to suit your requirements. To learn more, watch this week’s episode of Semaphore Uncut:

What’s next

Next Wednesday, Darko will walk you through the differences between Semaphore Classic and Semaphore 2.0. Add the episode to your calendar.

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Happy building, and see you next Wednesday!

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