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    23 Apr 2020 · Semaphore News

    Semaphore Uncut: Customizable CI/CD Dashboards

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    In last week’s episode of Semaphore Uncut, our co-founder Darko showed you how to auto-promote continuous delivery pipelines in Semaphore 2.0. This week, you’ll see how to set up, use and customize CI/CD dashboards in Semaphore 2.0.

    Default and custom CI/CD dashboards in Semaphore 2.0

    The basic idea behind dashboards is to aggregate information from various places in the form that you choose. You can modify dashboards on your own, and model them depending on your needs and the structure of your application.

    Darko shows you how to quickly customize the two basic dashboards – the “My Work” dashboard, which aggregates all the work that you are pushing, and “Everyone’s Activity” dashboard, which provides an overview of all the workflows that are ongoing.

    You’ll also find out about the types of custom dashboards and widgets you can create, such as a dashbord listing deployments to the staging environment and/or production, as well as widgets with charts representing e.g. pipeline duration, pipeline pass percentage, pipeline run counts, and similar. Watch the full episode below:

    How to receive updates on 2.0 and Semaphore Uncut

    Thanks to everyone contacted us asking when they’ll be able to give 2.0 a try! We’ve been sending a number of invites each week, making sure that everyone’s feedback is used to make Semaphore 2.0 even better. We’ll be sending more invites from next week on, so keep an eye on your inbox.

    If you’re not on the list yet, and you’d like to be one of the first to give Semaphore 2.0 a try and get updates on Semaphore 2.0 and Semaphore Uncut, join our mailing list here.

    How do you like Semaphore 2.0 dashboards so far? Feel free to share any questions and suggestions on what we could include in the dashboards or future episodes in the comments below.

    Happy building, and see you next Wednesday!

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