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Continuous Integration and Delivery with Semaphore on GitHub Marketplace

Continuous Integration and Delivery with Semaphore on GitHub Marketplace

We’re happy to announce that Semaphore’s continuous integration and continuous delivery service is now part of the GitHub Marketplace. GitHub is a key platform for millions of development teams, and it gathers one of the largest communities of developers. We’re proud to be one of the partners featured on their Marketplace.

The Marketplace allows you to sign up for the best-in-class developer tools directly through GitHub.This means that you won’t need to set up and use multiple accounts across your development workflow.

How to get started

To get started, visit Semaphore’s page on the Marketplace, and click on “Pricing and setup” to see all available plans. You can select the free Open Source plan, or one of the plans for private projects. Plan optionsfor private repositories include a free plan for running one CI/CD job at a time, and plans with 2, 4, or 6 parallel CI/CD jobs:

Semaphore pricing on the GitHub Marketplace

After you’ve selected a plan, click on “Buy with GitHub”. Once you’ve reviewed your order and added your payment method, click on “Complete order and begin installation”, and authorize Semaphore on GitHub. You’re now ready to get started with using Semaphore through your GitHub account.

We’d like to thank GitHub for working with us on including Semaphore in their Marketplace.

To set up automated testing and deployment for your code through your GitHub account, visit Semaphore’s listing and sign up.

Happy building with GitHub and Semaphore!

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