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Continuous Delivery of Docker Images with Quay and Semaphore

Running code in different environments can often produce unexpected behavior. Development and testing environments strive to replicate production envrionments as closely as possible, but there’s still much to be desired. This is where containers come in. When using Docker-based deployments, environments for development, staging and production are virtually the same, and they can be rapidly reproduced on-demand. As more and more developers find these benefits appealing, there’s an emerging need for hosting and managing Docker images without having an own infrastructure to do so.

Continuous Delivery of Docker Images with Quay and Semaphore

Quay.io is one of the first registry-as-a-service providers. It’s focused on covering all the aspects of hosting and managing Docker and rkt images, with seamless conversion between these formats. It has an intuitive interface, which gives in-depth insights into various stages of image and team management.

For performing security scans on images, Quay.io integrates with Clair by CoreOS. Detailed reports are provided after each scan, pinpointing the security vurnelabilities and their severity. Permission handling is also an important aspect of image management, and Quay.io provides fine grained controls over image access control, including robot accounts for deployments.

Image repositories hosted on Quay.io can be public or private. The number of public repositories is unlimited. Various paid plans are available for hosting private repositories, which also include team management features. Quay.io also offers an on-permise solution with Quay Enterprise.

Configuring the Quay Integration

By integrating with Quay, we wanted to make the process of accessing your private images more stranghtforward.

Projects using Semaphore’s Docker-enabled platform can configure this integration with the Quay project add-on. To set it up, visit Semaphore Add-ons on the project page, click on “Docker Registry”, and then select the Quay registry.

Docker Container Registry with Semaphore Add-ons

A form will be shown for filling out your credentials.

Quay Setup on Semaphore

After completing this step, the authentication details will be safely stored and
ready to use. When running builds and deployments, you will be automatically
logged into Quay.io, giving you access to all of your images.

Quay Container Registry Deployment

For a detailed overview of your Docker images, visit the Quay.io dashboard.

Quay Container Registry Dashboard

To start building your Docker project on Semaphore using the Quay integration, create a free Semaphore account and add your Docker project.

We hope that our Quay integration will make the continuous delivery of your containerized applications more convenient. Let us know how you like it in the comments below or by contacting us on support.

Happy building! ?

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