21 Jun 2016 · Semaphore News

    Announcing Preview of Semaphore Enterprise Continuous Integration and Delivery

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    Today, we’re happy to introduce a preview of Semaphore Enterprise, a new edition of Semaphore that helps large companies take advantage of our continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) solution, while meeting their company security standards and need for advanced support and access control. We’re also proud to announce a partnership with Docker, who will make Semaphore Enterprise available on their brand new Docker Store. Request an invite to get started.

    Key features

    On-premise CI and CD combined with an easy-to-use web UI

    Semaphore Enterprise combines the power of on-premise continuous integration and delivery with the convenience of using Semaphore’s hosted, easy-to-use user interface. With Semaphore Enterprise, your code will never leave your premises, giving you full control over the security, performance and capacity of your CI environment.

    Packaged in a certified Docker container

    The core component of Semaphore Enterprise is the Job Runner, packaged in a certified Docker container, which you can download from Docker Store. Announced at DockerCon in Seattle, Docker Store is currently available in limited beta. Its general availability is planned for the third quarter of this year. You can follow our blog for more information about the public launch.

    Works with your preferred environment and tools

    Since it runs in a Docker container, the Job Runner is simple to run and operate. Best of all, being able to run it on any machine means that Semaphore Enterprise works with any technology and on any operating system that can run Docker.

    Simple to set up and use

    You can run as many Job Runners as you need, and Semaphore will do the rest: distribute and coordinate jobs, send notifications, manage users and permissions, and provide API endpoints.

    First-class support

    One of the aspects of Semaphore we take most pride in is the support we provide to our users. From setup to release, our experienced team of developers become the extended members of your development team when needed. This gives enterprises the confidence needed to practice continuous integration and delivery even on their most complex applications.

    Getting started

    Semaphore Enterprise is a culmination of the experience we have gained developing one of the most popular hosted CI services, known for its ease of use, reliability and great technical support. It is currently available to try or free as a preview release. Pricing will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

    We’re excited to bring this new product to you, and we’d love to hear what you think! Please feel free to post your questions or feedback in the comments below, or contact us directly on support. If you’d like to try out Semaphore Enterprise, request an invite to get started.

    Next steps

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