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Fine-Grained Control Over Chat Notifications

We are pleased to announce a few highly requested improvements to our chat and email notification system.

Receive notifications only for failed builds and deploys

You can now choose to be notified only after failed builds and deploys, reducing noise in your channels, rooms, and inboxes when continuous delivery is running smoothly. This change applies to both chat and email notifications.

Limit which branches and servers trigger notifications

As your team grows, so does the number of feature branches being worked on, and deploying to staging servers happens more frequently. Receiving notifications about every activity in one central place like Slack usually ends up being too noisy.

Chat notifications can now be filtered by branches (for builds) and servers (for deploys), which means more focused feedback for your team.

For branches, you can use regular expressions to define a whitelist.

For servers, simply tick off those that you would not like to hear from.

Increasing signal, reducing noise

We hope you will find these updates useful. You can access them in your chat notifications settings under “Project settings”.

Just as a reminder, Semaphore supports chat notifications for Campfire, Flowdock, HipChat, and Slack. Be sure to let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions.

Happy building!

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