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Video Tutorial – Continuous Integration and Deployment for Elixir

In May we had the pleasure of releasing official continuous integration and deployment support for Elixir projects on Semaphore.

We wanted to get to know the Elixir community better, so we started talking to developers working with Elixir. We have had the pleasure of working with Josh Adams from Elixir Sips, who has made two great screencasts showing how to use Semaphore for continuous integration and deployment of Phoenix applications in Elixir. Thanks, Josh!

If you are new to continuous integration and deployment, Josh’s video can help you start out on the right path. Here are the videos, hope you will enjoy watching them:

Continuous Integration

Using Semaphore CI to automaticallytest a Phoenix application each time we push new code

Continuous Deployment

Using Semaphore CI to automatically deploy your Phoenix application after the tests run successfully


Happy building, and stay young with Elixir!

P.S. You can sign up on Semaphore and use it for free on open source projects, or you can try out our freemium service on your private projects.

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