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    Platform update on May 19th

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    The upcoming platform update is scheduled for May 19th, 2015.

    Bundler gets an update with version 1.9.7.

    Cassandra is now on version 2.1.5.

    ChromeDriver has been updated to version 2.15 which supports Chrome v40-43.

    Git gets an update with version 2.4.0 with a new feature called “atomic push” which enables you to push to multiple branches atomically.

    io.js is now on version 1.8.1.

    Java gets two updates with OpenJDK 7u79 and Oracle JDK 8u45. A tool to switch Java versions more easily is also included. It can be used by adding change-java-version to your build commands. Valid values for are 1.7 or 7 for OpenJDK 7u79 and 1.8 or 8 for Oracle JDK 8u45.

    PostgreSQL is now on version 9.4.1 which includes JSONB support, the ALTER SYSTEM SQL command to change the server configuration and other improvements. Please check out the PostgreSQL migration guide which covers the major changes and compatibility considerations.

    PHP also receives several updates with versions 5.4.40, 5.5.24 and 5.6.8.

    RethinkDB has been updated to version 2.0.1.

    Trying the new platform

    You can evaluate the new platform right away by selecting Ubuntu 14.04 LTS v1505 (release candidate) from the Platform section of Project Settings. We encourage you to try it out, so that we can fix the issues you may encounter until the final release on the next Tuesday.

    A full list of changes is available in the platform changelog.

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