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SSH Access to Your CI Environment

With great pleasure we are announcing the release of a new tool on Semaphore – the ability to SSH into your CI environment.

As of today, you are able to interactively inspect and run commands in the Semaphore environment right from your terminal.

This new feature enables you to easily find the subtle differences between your local development environment and the Semaphore platform that are a frequent cause of hard-to-debug build failures.

If your project has a complex setup for its build environment, an SSH session can also be of great help. After inspecting the environment and making your tests pass in the SSH session, you can easily copy the steps and configuration for your automated builds.

Starting an SSH session

To SSH into the Semaphore environment, open one of your recent builds and look for the Launch SSH button to start a new build environment.

Starting an SSH session on Semaphore

Semaphore will start an environment identical to the one of your current build or deploy:

Note: The first time you launch a session, Semaphore will guide you through the process of setting up a public key. You can find out more about setting up public SSH keys in our documentation.

We’re rolling this feature out to all users in the coming days.

We hope that you will enjoy this feature as much as we do. Happy SSH-ing!

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