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Smarter Email Notifications

After recent introduction of default email notification settings and consolidation in one tab, today we are happy to announce more improvements.

With _verified emails_, you are now able to safely register all emails you would like to use to receive build and deploy status notifications.

Most importantly, we are making it possible to receive notifications only for the branches to which you contribute. This is very useful in larger teams with lots of activity going on where getting emails for all branches quickly becomes overwhelming.

Receive email only for your work

Email notifications for big teams can be a bit noisy. That is spoiling the way of getting information about status of builds, for many people.

Who would not like to receive notifications only for his work, and ignore the noise made by other members of the team?

You’re now able to subscribe for build notifications of only the builds that contain your commits. Semaphore matches your work via committers email address and your personal (verified) email address.

If you commit via various email addresses add them to Semaphore account and upgrade your notifications policy to “My work”.

Email Account Menu - My Work

You can find “My work” policy under project’s email notifications settings, or new “Notifications” tab under Account settings.

Email as a first class citizen

We are introducing a way to add, verify and remove multiple emails to be used for notifications. You can find this screen in your Account Settings. Each new email you add needs to be verified. Once you do that, the email can be selected as an option in notification settings.

Email List

Another new feature is “Primary email address” which represents your main email address. By default, the email you use to sign in is set to be your primary email address, used by default for notifications on all projects.

If you open the Account Settings screen, you will notice that we’ve already migrated all email addresses that you have used on Semaphore so far. That means that for most users there will be no need for any migration process, or manual actions.

Feel free to let us know what you think about these improvements.

Happy building!

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