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Continuous Integration for Bitbucket Projects on Semaphore

Semaphore launches continuous integration for Bitbucket projects

With great pleasure we are announcing that Semaphore is extending its hosted continuous integration and deployment service with support for Bitbucket repositories. Bitbucket is a source code hosting platform for the distributed version control systems (DVCS) Git and Mercurial, made by Atlassian.

As of today, Semaphore has everything you need to automatically test any project from a Git repository on Bitbucket. This includes setting up a full continuous delivery pipeline to any server or cloud provider, including Heroku and AWS.

The service is free for open source projects and up to 100 private builds per month.

Create a free account and start testing your projects today.

Adding your Bitbucket projects to Semaphore

Setting up continuous integration for a Bitbucket project and running your first build on Semaphore is easy and takes only a few clicks.

After you click to add a new project, select Bitbucket as your repository host. Next you will be redirected to Bitbucket to authorize Semaphore to access your projects. Keep in mind that Bitbucket only supports giving access to both private and public repositories. Once you confirm permission access, Semaphore will present you with a list of your Bitbucket repositories.

In the next steps you will select Bitbucket repository, branch to build and the Semaphore account that you want the repository to be attached to. Note that in order to add some repository from Bitbucket, user has to be either its creator or to belong to a Bitbucket group that has admin rights to the specific repository.

After that Semaphore will perform a quick analysis of the source code and generate a set of working build commands depending on your project’s programming language.

At this point you’ll be ready to launch your first build. Here’s what one of our latest looks like:

If you are using Bitbucket, we hope that you are excited about this feature as we are. Happy building!

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