26 Mar 2020 · Semaphore News

    Introducing Organizations

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    Today we are very happy to announce Organizations on Semaphore. Organizations simplify project management inside companies and other groups, introduce a fine grained permission system and help you focus on your work while Semaphore scales up the continuous integration process as your operation grows.

    If you ever wanted to let somebody else add a project under your billing account or give a group of collaborators read-only access without ability to launch builds and deploy, you’re going to love Organizations.

    We’re also introducing some new payment options that are tailored for companies and enterprises, so let’s dive in what’s new.

    One account for your organization’s CI needs

    Creating an Organization lets you group all projects that belong to your organization under a new billing account. You create an Organization as a regular Semaphore user and become its owner, with ability to invite other users to share the ownership. Being an owner gives you full access to all projects and all organization management features, from billing to permission settings.

    Adding a project to an organization

    Once you have or belong to an organization, you can choose to add it to the organization account.

    You can easily transfer an existing project under your personal account to an organization. To do that, go to your Account, locate your project and select the organization to transfer it to:

    All existing collaborators will be copied to a new organization team with access to the given project.

    Projects are accessed by teams with permissions

    As an organization owner, you can define teams of users which have access to selected projects.

    You can invite new members to a team by email. Similarly to the new collaboration model we launched recently for personal projects, team access is not connected to who is a collaborator on GitHub, giving you flexibility to add or remove anyone. This is also one of the reasons we are now requiring all users to have a Semaphore username and using the username as the identity indicator once a user is on board.

    Teams can have one of the following permission sets:

    Access — Team is only able to access projects and read build and deploy results.
    Edit — In addition to Access level, team can also change project settings, add branches and manually trigger builds and deploys.
    Admin — In addition to Edit level, team can also add and remove projects from the organization.

    You can of course have as many teams as you want.

    Besides the interface to manage teams, you can also see and manage individual organization members.


    Organization profiles are our first step towards making Semaphore more user-centric. Since project’s owner is part of its identity, you can now click on the organization name and view its most recently updated projects.


    With Organizations we’ve updated our pricing structure.

    Personal plans include Solo, Starter and Double, formerly known as Pro 2, now with unlimited projects.

    If you’re currently using one of the plans with more processors, you can continue to do so indefinitely. Previous higher plans have their equivalent in organization plans, at the same price, since we believe you will benefit from using Organizations.

    Organization plans start with Pro 2 and go up to Pro 32. They have no project limit, and the only variable is the number of processors for concurrent and parallel builds, with higher plans including a discount instead of having a price that is a simple multiplier.

    We are introducing an option to pay annually on all plans. This is great if you want to simplify the charge flow and enjoy a discount equivalent to getting one month of free service.

    Organizations can also pay annually by invoice. To do this, simply go to your organization’s subscription settings and submit the company information form. We will invoice you on net 30 terms with wire transfer instructions.

    Take a look at our new pricing.

    Get started with Organizations today

    It took us a few internal iterations to get to this solution which we believe will scale for organizations of all size and the time to come. We are happy to grow with you, dear user, and hope that these features will help you and your team deliver some amazing software.

    Create a new organization now.

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