26 Mar 2020 ยท Semaphore News

    Improved Project Collaboration Management

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    We are glad to announce a more flexible solution for managing project collaborators. So far, project collaborators were directly mapped from repository collaborators on GitHub. In orderto have access to a Semaphore project, user had to have a GitHub account and be a collaborator on the corresponding repository on GitHub. This was a great solution back in the early days since it enabled a fast onramp process, but since then our users and ourselves have grown and a need for something different has emerged.

    In the past, if the user wanted to leave the project, she would have to leave or be removed from the collaborators list on GitHub. After this, the project owner on Semaphore still had to trigger a sync of collaborators with GitHub in order to remove the user from project on Semaphore. Same thing goes with joining project. Overall there was not much flexibility in the processes that take place after a project was set up on Semaphore.

    From now on, project’s collaborators on Semaphore will not be bound to those on GitHub. You can manage your collaborators on Semaphore without making any changes on GitHub.

    The project owner on Semaphore can invite anyone to collaborate via email, including people who are not collaborators on GitHub, for example the QA team.

    If the user with that specific email already exists, she will automatically be added to project’s collaborators. Otherwise, an invitation email will be sent. Once the user follows the link in the invitation email and signs up, she will gain access to the project. Also, every user can now leave a project with a single click.

    We hope that you find our new project collaborators approach useful and that it will improve your workflow.

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