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Upcoming Platform Update on May 5th

The upcoming platform update is scheduled for Monday, May 5, 2014.

Bundler is updated to version 1.6.2 featuring a lot of goodies, including 10x faster Gemfile resolving.

Firefox goes up to version 29, requiring bundle update selenium-webdriver for most projects that use that gem.

ElasticSearch has been also updated and it’s now on version 1.1.1.

MySQL is upgraded to version 5.6 with lots of performance and stability improvements. To avoid an error which pops up when the cached mysql gem tries to use the new library, we will remove the caches for all projects which use this gem. If a few projects slip through our fingers, please contact us.

rake aborted!
Incorrect MySQL client library version! This gem was compiled for 5.5.35 but
the client library is 5.6.17.

A quick remedy for this would be to include rm -rf .bundle or rm -rf vendor/bundle to your build commands in project settings.

A full list of changes is available in the platform changelog.

Update 2014-05-07: Firefox 29 was added to the release.

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