26 Mar 2020 ยท Semaphore News

    Building Pull Requests From Forked Repos

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    We are glad to announce that Semaphore now supports building pull requests from forked repositories.

    So far, in order to see pull request status you had to have the forked repository on Semaphore, along with the parent repo. However, GitHub recently removed the ability to push commit status from forked to parent repo and therefore we had to do some work to make our system better.

    With this new feature, forked repository does not have to be on Semaphore and still, all its’ pull requests towards the parent repository will be tested and will have build status posted to the corresponding pull request page on GitHub:

    If a new commit gets pushed to pull request, it will be tested as well.

    We have updated Semaphore’s dashboard to include incoming pull requests and their status. Pull request builds will be shown along other branches, with a slightly different name format:

    As with feature branches, once the pull request is merged, it will be removed from your dashboard. Same goes with the closing of the pull request.

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