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Continuous delivery via Cloud66

Today we’re very happy to announce our partnership with Cloud 66. Cloud 66 makes it easy to provision, deploy and manage Ruby on Rails applications on major cloud providers.

The integration makes it very easy to have a full continuous delivery pipeline: from pushing to GitHub to testing on Semaphore, and if with all tests passing, deploying to all your servers via Cloud 66.

To get started, head over to the Deployment tab in project settings to add a new server, and select Cloud 66. The seamless integration only requires you to authorize Semaphore with your Cloud 66 account. We assume that you have an application stack ready on Cloud 66, which is the next thing to select in the configuration wizard.

Semaphore and Cloud 66 integration

If you select automatic deployment, Semaphore will send a redeploy request to Cloud 66 whenever your build passes on the corresponding branch. With manual deployment, you choose when to click and launch a redeploy. Note that while Semaphore tracks every deploy in the project timeline, it sends a blank request to Cloud66 to perform the actual deployment work.

Happy deliveries!

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