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ProjectMonitor, BuildHeroes and Coveralls integrate with Semaphore

Here’s a quick roundup of 3rd party tools that let you get more out of Semaphore.

[ProjectMonitor] is a CI display aggregator for big screens or TVs. The idea is to see the status of all your projects’ builds in highly visible fashion. It’s an open source app that you can run on your own server.

[BuildHeroes] provides build leaderboards and statistics for your team. After you set up a post-build webhook, it will calculate your build success rate, keep track of developer scores and more.

[Coveralls] provides code coverage as a service, from repository-wide overviews to line by line data. It can also post a coverage summary to your pull requests on GitHub.

If you’re also making your app or library work with Semaphore by using our API, let us know. We’ll tell our customers about it on this blog.

[ProjectMonitor]: https://github.com/pivotal/projectmonitor/
[BuildHeroes]: https://www.buildheroes.com
[Coveralls]: https://coveralls.io

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