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CLIs and tools for Semaphore

We’re very excited to see command-line tools and libraries being developed on top of Semaphore API. Aleksandar Diklić, who has joined Rendered Text recently, hacked a script which eventually became available as semaphore-status:

Almost at the same time Sam Saccone announced semaphorestatus made with Node.js:

Next up we have semaphoreapp, a gem from Alessandro Morandi which lets you get build information about your projects with a little bit of Ruby code:

project = Semaphoreapp::Project.find_by_name(‘yourapp’)

Peter Vandenberk has started git-semaphore, a gem that integrates Semaphore into your git workflow:

# list your projects:
git semaphore –projects

# list current project’s branches:
git semaphore –branches

# status of current project + branch:
git semaphore –status

Thanks guys for these awesome contributions! If you have something similar in the making, please tell us via email or at @semaphoreapp so that we can share further.

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