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Build platform upgrade

Today we’ve rolled out an upgrade to the Semaphore build platform based on the latest Ubuntu LTS (12.04). This means that versions of pretty much everything went up. Check out our version information page for details.

Some highlights:

– Firefox is now at version 18: if you’re using Selenium then make sure you’re running the latest version of selenium-webdriver gem (2.27+), or you’ll see random timeout errors.
– Ruby version patchlevels have also changed, as we’re trying to follow Heroku on the provided versions. Make sure you’re running the latest version of debugger gem (1.2.3).

By popular demand, we also added the following new software to the default stack:

– Elasticsearch
– Chrome and chromedriver

After this we’re planning to enable passwordless sudo for all users (currently available on demand) for easier setup of additional packages.

About that downtime

Last but not the least, we’re deeply sorry for the downtime we had yesterday from about 19:27 UTC. A few servers had network issues and our notification setup failed, so we didn’t react on time. We’re taking all measures to make sure this does not repeat in such a way again.

Thanks for all your support!

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