Automatically Test Your App After Every Change.

Whenever somebody pushes new code to GitHub, Semaphore immediately runs all tests on the corresponding branch. Your project can always be on the right track.

Commits show what is being built.

Live log appears as the build progresses.

Different test commands run in parallel threads.

build in progress

New Branches are Added & Removed Automatically


Every time you create a new branch, Semaphore will build it automatically. It also knows how to clean up when you delete it.

Know If a Pull Request Is Good To Merge

Pull request

Semaphore sends current build status of the latest commit to GitHub. So right after somebody opens a pull request, there’s going to be a live indicator whether it is safe to merge.

Review Every Version in Branch History.

If you are interested in one particular code branch, Semaphore will let you see all builds, results and top commits as they appeared over time.

Branch history