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    Introducing a Next-generation Parallel Config Management tool

    James Shubin is a DevOps/config-management hacker and physiologist from Canada. He writes “The Technical Blog of James.” He also works on a next-generation config-management project he started called “mgmt.” In this interview, we discuss Shubin’s open source project and how it can contribute to the cloud-native landscape. You’re the lead developer behind mgmt, which is a “next-generation distributed, […]

    Docker’s Gareth Rushgrove on the Importance of CI/CD Pipelines and the Future of Containers

    Gareth Rushgrove is an experienced software and operations engineer, working as a product manager at Docker. Additionally, he’s the editor of one of the most widely read newsletters in the DevOps community, “DevOps Weekly.” In this interview, we talk with Rushgrove about his current work at Docker, what is the Cloud Native Application Bundle (CNAB), the importance […]