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A full-stack oriented Rubyist, Elixirist, and Javascripter who enjoys exchanging knowledge and aims for well-balanced and easy-to-maintain solutions regarding product needs. Frequently blogs at The Miners.

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A Practical Guide to Test Doubles in Elixir

Introduction In this tutorial, we’ll be looking at one of the main use cases for test doubles in Elixir: aiding in the interaction between domain logic and impure components that exist over the boundaries of an application. Tests relying on such components are usually brittle, and need to reach out to external resources whose state may be foreign and unpredictable, thereby causing slowness and sometimes making tests fail unexpectedly. Classic…

Rails Testing Antipatterns: Fixtures and Factories

In the upcoming series of posts, we’ll explore some common antipatterns in writing tests for Rails applications. The presented opinions come from our experience in building web applications with Rails (we’ve been doing it since 2007) and is biased towards using RSpec and Cucumber. Developers working with other technologies will probably benefit from reading as well.

Test-Driving a Stream-powered Elixir Library

Introduction Elixir is a recent language built on top of the battle-tested BEAM virtual machine, which is steadily gaining traction among companies and developers. It brings a modern and fresh perspective to the Erlang world, and with it we can easily build reliable and fault-tolerant applications. Other than that, one of Elixir’s main strengths is productivity. Goals of This Tutorial We will bootstrap csv, a generic and reusable library to…