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Testing React Components with Enzyme and Mocha

Introduction React has become an increasingly popular and widely-used JavaScript application tool for developing web applications. Popular frameworks like Angular.js, Ember.js, and Backbone have traditionally been go-to choices for front-end application development, but React came onto the scene in 2013 and provided front-end engineers with another substantial alternative. React was developed at Facebook in part as a response to what seemed to be a particularly complicated codebase. As such, it…

Dockerizing a Node.js Web Application

Introduction If you’ve ever developed anything that needs to ‘live’ somewhere besides your local machine, you know that getting an application up and running on a different machine is no simple task. There are countless considerations to be had, from the very basics of “how do I get my environment variables set” to which runtimes you’ll need and which dependencies those will rely on, not to mention the need to…