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Using Page Objects with Protractor and Cucumber in Angular Applications

Introduction In a previous tutorial, we explained how to couple Cucumber with Protractor tests. This combination serves well for testing user interactions with your AngularJS applications, as well as creating living documentation right into your tests. As your testing needs grow, it’s crucial to develop a testing infrastructure that is scalable and easy to maintain as end-to-end tests take time to develop. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to incorporate…

Getting Started with Protractor and Cucumber

Introduction If you develop AngularJS applications, then you have probably heard of Protractor. It is an end-to-end testing framework built specifically for AngularJS. It allows you to create tests that interact with a browser like a real user would. One of the greatest features of Protractor is its ability to “be smart” about waiting for a page to load, limiting the amount of waits and sleeps you use in your…