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Rails Techniques: Using Polymorphic Associations

In Ruby on Rails, a polymorphic association is an Active Record association that can connect a model to multiple other models. For example, we can use a single association to connect the Review model with the Event and Restaurant models, allowing us to connect a review with either an event or a restaurant.

Fast Failing: Introducing Faster Feedback on Failing Builds

Fast feedback on the work we’ve done minimizes developer context switching and keeps us in the state of flow. Waiting for all the jobs to finish in order to see that a job has failed can waste a lot of time. If a job fails, the developer should have the option to be notified right away, rather than wait until all the tests are run.

Migrating from Snap CI to Semaphore

In the last week, news has spread throughout the CI/CD community about the announced shutdown of Snap CI, one of our highly-respected competitors. If you’re a Snap CI user looking for a new hosted CI/CD solution, here’s a comparison of Semaphore’s and Snap CI’s offering to help you decide if Semaphore is the right choice for you.

Sending ECS Service Logs to the ELK Stack

Having comprehensive logs is a massive life-saver when debugging or investigating issues. Still, logging too much data can have the adverse effect of hiding the actual information you are looking for. Because of these issues, storing your log data in a structured format becomes very helpful. Also, being able to track the number of occurrences and monitor their rate of change can be quite indicative of the underlying causes. This…