David Sale

Software Developer for Sky in London. Worked in enterprise Python for over 4 years, developing a data driven pricing engine for Sky's products and services. Author of the book ’Testing Python: Applying Unit Tests, TDD, BDD and Acceptance Tests'.

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Dockerizing a Python Django Web Application

Introduction This article will cover building a simple ‘Hello World’-style web application written in Django and running it in the much talked about and discussed Docker. Docker takes all the great aspects of a traditional virtual machine, e.g. a self contained system isolated from your development machine, and removes many of the drawbacks such as system resource drain, setup time, and maintenance. When building web applications, you have probably reached…

BDD Testing a Restful Web Application in Python

Introduction Behaviour-driven development allows you to describe how your application should behave, and drive the development of features by adding new tests and making them pass. By clearly describing how your application behaves in different scenarios, you can be confident that the product delivered at the end meets the requirements you set out to deliver. Following BDD lets you build up your application piece by piece, and also provides you…