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Adam Pahlevi takes pride in solving problems using clear and efficient code. In addition to writing, he enjoys giving talks, as well as receiving non-spam "Hi, Adam!" emails. He is an engineer at Wego.

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RESTful Integration Testing with WireMock in Java

Introduction In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to perform integration testing on a Java web application with WireMock, and automate the tests by running them on Semaphore. The aim of integration testing is to expose the faults, defects, or bugs that can exist between various integrated units. This is done by validating their behaviour when working in tandem. In that sense, integration testing bolsters the confidence about the stability…

Writing and Testing an Event Sourcing Microservice with Kafka and Go

In this tutorial, we will take a look at how Kafka can help us with handling distributed messaging, by using the Event Sourcing pattern that is inherently atomic. Then, by using a pattern called Command-Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS), we can have a materialized view acting as the gate for data retrieval. Finally, we’ll learn how to make our consumer redundant by using consumer group. The whole application is delivered in…