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Artur Opala


Public traffic-lights-control

Traffic lights control simulator (Akka)
failed arturopala rebuilt upgrade akka-actor, akka-stream, sbt and reformat using scalafmt on master .

Public elm-monocle

Monocle-inspired library providing purely functional abstractions to manipulate complex records for elm-lang
failed Andy pushed Readme: Consistent format of record examples (#22) to master and broke the build .

Public scala-xml-security

XML Security library for Scala - handy tool for easy signing, verifying, encrypting and decrypting XML documents
passed arturopala pushed Update to master .

Public latex-lab

failed Artur O. tried to push Add files via upload from master to latex-lab-1 .

Public akka-io-sctp

Akka I/O driver for SCTP protocol based on Oracle JDK 7/8 support.
passed arturopala pushed changed payload type from ByteString to Bytes because it will allow for lighter SS7 messages mapping to master .