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Semaphore · 1m56s — 🎉 Winner!


Travis CI · 4m01s — 2.1x slower


CircleCI · 4m13s — 2.2x slower


Measured using the elixir-lang/elixir test suite.

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Artem Lipiy
Artem Lipiy
QA Lead at 500px

“It’s really easy to scale with Semaphore compared to Jenkins, where a lot of maintenance and overhead is required. When we need more concurrency we just upgrade. Semaphore just works for us.”

Ross Baird
Ross Baird
Lead Developer at Optimal Workshop
Optimal Workshop logo

“The ability to split our test suite in parallel jobs and have it run in under 7 minutes instead of over an hour is so important for us.”

92% of our customers rated Semaphore support as great last month

“It’s like you have one more engineer on your team!”


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