Semaphore’s 2023 Year in Review

We stuck to our mission to help teams deliver products at high velocity, but were also very busy developing new features, sponsoring some DevOps events, and much more.


Our customers, Confluent, Replit, Proglove & Trainual shared their CI/CD experience. Featured expert insights by Dave Farley + Semaphore’s Co-Founder Darko Fabijan.



More CPUs, disk & memory – to speed up your workflows by up to 50%.


Features & products released

Project Insights

updated insights for better visibility into your project’s development performance, speed & reliability.


Deployment Targets

limits access to promotions → better overview of your deployment process & history


OKTA integration

enhances your organization’s security & identity management



evolution of the Schedulers feature


Project Secrets

extra level of security with project-based secrets

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Spending Insights

updated billing interface with details on spending, machine time, storage & seats


Support & Customer Success 🙌

Guided our customers with day-to-day challenges they faced and helped them move to our new plans & machines.