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Repository settings

Semaphore allows you to view and edit settings that connect your project with a remote repository. At project settings, repository tab you can see details of the related repository.

This page shows you:

  • repository that this project is connected to
  • username of repository owner at GitHub
  • username of the Semaphore user whose token is being used for communication with GitHub
  • status of repository deploy key at GitHub
  • status of webhook that is set on Github.

Switching repository

At repository settings page you can switch your remote repository by following the button "Change Repository". This will guide you to a page with all your remote repositories that you have access to. After selecting one, new repository will be assigned to you project. This is very useful when the current owner of the API token is no longer available.

Updating deploy key or webhook

Semaphore allows you to update your project's deploy key or webhook, if, for some reason they have been removed from remote service. Whenever the status of your deploy key or webhook is invalid, an option for reseting these two will be presented.

Repository or organization rename

If a project's repository or owning organization has been renamed on GitHub, you need to switch the repository on Semaphore. This will update the project deploy key and webhook and clear the dependency cache.

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