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Longer execution time than Semaphore Classic maximum

After the Semaphore Classic build is done, you would like to push the updated FILE in the project (which gets updated during the build on Semaphore) back to your GitHub repo. However, if a push is made to the GitHub repo, it will trigger a build on Semaphore, leading to an infinite build recursion.

To skip building a commit, putting [ci skip] or [skip ci] anywhere in the commit message is enough. Before committing the FILE, a minimal git setup should be performed. Setting the name and email is required for being able to make the commits. Something similar to the following should be added to your project:

# Setup
git config --global "<>"
git config --global "<your_name>"

# Job
git add FILE
git commit -m "Automatically updating the FILE file [skip ci]"
git push origin master

This should allow you to update the FILE in your repository, but not trigger the new build.

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