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How to forward the browser window from an SSH session on Semaphore?

When debugging failed test you can forward browser window from the SSH session to your local computer. That way you can run the server in an SSH session and inspect the site on your local machine.

# For Mac

  • install XQuartz on your machine
  • start an SSH session from one of your builds
  • when the session is started add '-AX' after 'ssh' in the command which Semaphore gives you. Example:
ssh -AX -o StrictHostKeychecking=no -p 49204 runner@
  • in the SSH session run the following command in order to replace the current DISPLAY
export DISPLAY=localhost:10

Now if you start any of the browsers in the SSH session, their window should be visible on your machine:

firefox &


google-chrome-stable &

Running a single integration spec should be visible as well.

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