Cancellation Strategy for the Default Branch

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We're happy to announce a new feature for a better control of your build queue — queued and started build cancellation strategy that ignores your default branch.

Here's a quick recap of what a build cancellation strategy on Semaphore is. In case you push new code before a CI build has finished on the previous revision, you may want CI to stop the previous build and start a new one on the latest revision immediately. This is what cancellation strategy build settings are for.

For some time Semaphore had queued and started builds cancellation for every branch, but as time passed by, we've heard from many users who either didn't want, or were obliged not to skip any builds on their default (usually master) branch.

As of this update you can have both: save time and move fast while working on a feature branch, and verify everything on master before deploying to production.

You'll find the screen to configure this in your project settings, Branches tab.

Queued Builds Cancellation Settings in Semaphore CI

Happy building!

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